Terms & Conditions

1. General

Joe's Apartments rents fully-furnished apartments fully-equipped apartments for private and business clients. Object for rent is the apartment and the according equipment. Each apartment has its own inventory list which lists the prices for replacing missing or damaged items.

2. Booking Conditions

For the accomplishment of a booking the day of arrival, departure, number of persons, type of apartment, method of payment and down payment (see 2.4). By completing a booking a standard-short-term rent contract is concluded between the client and Joe's Apartments (Joe's Apartments GmbH).

In cases of doubt, the person booking the apartment is considered the guest/client even if he or she has booked it for other persons including or excluding him or herself, except he or she notifies Joe's Apartments. The types of the apartment/ price per night and rates, as well as period of rent have been previously stipulated in the booking. Because of the short period of time a security deposit does not need to be paid.

2.1. Alterations of bookings

If you decide to leave the apartment earlier than rented, the nights are charged as per cancellation policy. Prolonging your stay is also possible: the additional nights may be booked to the previously stipulated conditions and depending on availability.

2.2. Rates If not mentioned otherwise, all prices include 10% VAT (USt.) but exclude 3,2 % tourism tax1 for Vienna and final cleaning charge of EUR 30,-. By paying the price per night all other costs (service charges of the building, gas, electricity, TV, internet, use of elevator) are covered.

Refundable rate: has the advantage for the client that the booking may be cancelled and refunded according to the cancellation policy.

Non-refundable rate: is a reduced rate for which the client refrains from cancellation (=no refund).

The total amount of the booking including all charges is due on the day of booking and must be paid promptly. In case of no payment or late payment, no booking had been accomplished in the first place and no refund or replacement can be requested. 1 tourism charge is calculated 3,2 % from the net amount of the stay

2.3. Cancellation policy - Refundable and Non-refundable Rates

Refundable rate

Cancellation and alteration 14 days prior to arrival are without charges. Cancellation and alteration 7 days prior to arrival are charged with 30% of the total amount of the booking.Cancellation and alteration 3 days prior to arrival are charged with 60% of the total amount of the booking. Cancellation and alteration which are made later than 3 days prior to arrival as well as no shows are charged with the total amount of the booking. Non-refundable rate For the non-refundable rate cancellation is not possible.

2.4. Down payment

Refundable rate A down payment of 100% of the first 2 nights is required on the day of booking. The payment of the remaining balance is due 3 days prior to arrival.

Non-refundable rate The total amount of the booking (including final cleaning charge and tourism tax) must be paid on the day of booking.

2.5. Accepted methods of payment

  • standard method of payment credit card: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro
  • bank transfer
  • cash

Joe's Apartments does not accept foreign currencies (only EUR) and no cheques.

3. Arrival and Departure

3.1. Check-In

The apartment is ready for Check-In by 14:00 (2 p.m.) on day of arrival. An earlier Check-In must be inquired and confirmed by Joe's Apartments. In case and earlier check-in had not been inquired/requested prior to arrival Joe's Apartments cannot guarantee that the apartment is clean and prepared for Check-In.

3.2. Guest registration form Joe's Apartments is required by law that every arriving guest/client truthfully completes and signs the guest registration form. Therefore the guest/client agrees to do so. The guest registration form is provided in the apartment.

3.3. Check-Out That apartment must be left and the keys must be returned by 11:00 (11 a.m.) on the day of departure. In case the apartment is not cleared by 11:00 (11 a.m.) on the day of departure, Joe's Apartments will charge one additional night as fee. A fee-based Late-Check-Out must be requested and confirmed by Joe's Apartments and is subject to availability (Check-Out time 19:00/ 7 p.m., half price of price per night).

4. Keys

4.1. Key delivery

The key to the apartment is placed at our partner restaurant. The name of the Restaurant is "Trimelli. (Address: Landstraße Hauptstraße 31, 1030 Vienna). Therefore the guest/client can check-in independently after 14:00 (2 p.m.)

4.2. Key return

All delivered keys must be returned on day of departure in the key return box. Missing keys will be charged with EUR 135,- for replacing them. If a guest/client is locked out of the apartment, it is necessary to inform Joe's Apartments earliest possible. If the incident cannot be resolved by an employee Joe's Apartments, Joe's Apartments will call a key service company. All costs must be paid by the guest/client. Joe's Apartments has absolutely no fault if a guest/client gets locked out, the guest/client is responsible him/herself.

5. Cleaning

Joe's Apartments charges EUR 30,- as final cleaning charge for each booked apartment. It is stated that Joe's Apartments does not offer or executes daily cleaning or cleaning during the stay of a guest/client. If our staff is met in the building, our staff is not obliged to fulfil any special wishes or treatments.

5.1. Exceptions If the guest stays longer than 1 month, a weekly cleaning is (free) included. This service can be denied by the guest.

6. Inventory Every apartment has its own inventory list. The inventory list lists all items in the apartment and the according amount which is charged for replacing them in case missing or damaged.

6.1 Damaged Inventory In case Joe's Apartments discovers that items from the inventory list are missing or damaged, Joe's Apartments will invoice the according amount. If inventory which is fixed in the apartment and moveable parts of furniture are damaged, Joe's Apartments charges the according amount for the repair and restoration.

6.2. Lost and Found - Private items of guests/clients In case personal items were left in the apartment after departure, Joe's Apartments stores these items for 2 weeks after the departure. It is up to the guest to claim and collect lost or forgotten items during this period of time, in case required Joe's Apartments sends the lost item to the place of the guest's/client's permanent residence at the guest's/client's expense. After 2 weeks lost items are trashed.

7. Other conditions

  • The guest/client is obliged to follow the house rules
  • No applicability of the MRG (Austrian law for rent): The guest/client accepts that the contract for renting the apartment is not subject to the Austrian law for rent (MRG Mietrechtsgesetz) and therefore he/she does not receive the advantages and protection of that specific law. 
  • Use of the apartment and responsibility of maintenance of the client: The apartment may only be used for purposes of temporary residing, every change of this purpose is subject to approval of Joe's Apartments. The foundation of a permanent residence in the apartment (Hauptwohnsitz or gewöhnlicher Aufenthalt) is not permitted. If there should be any kind of pest infestation (bugs, ants etc.) in the apartment, the guest/client is obliged to inform Joe's Apartments earliest possible.

It is stipulated that the client has total responsibility of maintenance by § 1096 paragraph 1 ABGB (Allgemein Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch). The client must treat the apartment and its entire inventory carefully. The client is obliged to notify Joe's Apartments about any damage in the apartment earliest possible. The client refrains from cancelling the contract of a reason mentioned in § 1117 ABGB.